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III Veal Days of Sierra de Guadarrama, from September 19 until Sunday 29


We are pleased to present you a special menu during the III Gastronomic Veal Days of Sierra de Guadarrama IGP in BLoved Restaurant. From Thursday, September 19 until Sunday 29, you will have the possibility to enjoy the dishes specially designed to pay tribute to this high quality meat ... For this occasion our Chef, Elvio Magno, has created more original options than the past years - on the menu you can find slices of sirloin and truffle on leek juice and white mold cheese or low-tenderloin tataki macerated in lime and soybeans with a touch of yogurt and wasabi. There's also a very special option for true beef lovers: a 3.5 kg piece of black garlic casserole cooked at low temperature for 8 hours.

And why is Guadarrama beef so special?

This veal is different from another type of meat because of its high nutritional value and a series of characteristics among which its slightly moist appearance and its red color stand out, pulling a bright pink hue. We must pay attention to its firm texture, neither soft nor gummy, and to the infiltration of fat in the muscle, responsible for its juiciness and flavor. A delight!

If you want to enjoy the experience even more, we recommend pairing the dishes with the suggested wine.

We wait for you!