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RIce Gastronomic Days

The Gastronomic Days arrive to Madrid. The Bloved Restaurant located on the Gran Via and renowned for its traditional dishes presented with an innovative design, celebrate the Rice Gastronomic Days.

The chef presents us with a selection of rice to share between two to choose between: Seafood rice (prawn, sepia, squid and shrimps); Rice in broth Portuguese style (made with monkfish, prawn, squid, sepia, mussel, clam, Norway lobster and big shrimps); Countryside rice (made with rabit, snails, rosemay and thyme); Black rice Empordà style (prawn, sepia, squid, cuttlefish and garlic mayonnaise); Spring risotto with grilled white tuna breast and shiso sauce; and finally, the star dish, Rice in broth with lobster (700gr) and cuttlefish.

The menu will be available from March 30th to April 9th from 13.30h to 15.45h and from 20.00h to 22.45h in Bloved Restaurant.

For more information and reservations:

915 31 22 22